Welcome to sandy bay infant school




We are very excited to share the first chapter of your child’s journey into schooling in our unique infant school. Our small school by the sea is located just behind the beautiful foreshore of Nutgrove beach, Sandy Bay. A gateway to this space enriches our learning opportunities and enhances our weekly wellbeing and learning programs. With a long history dating back to 1888, Sandy Bay Infant School has a strong sense of community pride and reputation for providing an outstanding educational teaching and learning program that develops the whole child. Our small school has on average ninety-five students enrolled ranging from 4 to 8 years of age.


Our classroom learning areas offer a spacious downstairs Kindergarten that flows into an outdoor learning space that enriches the curiosity, wonderment, creative and problem-solving learning opportunities. Our Prep to Year 2 students are located in purpose designed upstairs classrooms, with an additional classroom located downstairs, linked by a shared passageway that offers the opportunity for dramatic play and flexible learning.  All learning spaces reflect the distinctive curriculum learnings that value the development of students as they move through each year level. Importantly, learning opportunities at Sandy Bay Infant are linked to our local community spaces and are enriched by exploring historical and culturally significant sites around Hobart. 


Our school motto We Wonder, We Learn, We Grow’ is embedded in every learning opportunity and we feel privileged that you are entrusting us with building on the foundations of your child’s learning.  We value your role as your child’s first teacher and believe a strong and positive partnership between school and home are essential. Parents are a valuable part of our sharing their child’s learning journey and there are opportunities for parents to be actively involved in their child’s education. Parents may choose to support class excursions or learning programs. Our positive school community is supported by the events planned and organised by our passionate and dedicated School Association Committee. Families enjoy building friendships and strong relationships through barbecues, school soccer, picnics and coffee and chat afternoons. 


Each child at Sandy Bay Infant is valued for their strengths and uniqueness. Our dynamic teaching and learning programs ensures every child has the opportunity to thrive, learn, grow and shine. At Sandy Bay Infant we provide a safe and secure place that nurtures and inspires the curious mind. Our students have the opportunity to participate in specialist Japanese, Physical Education, Wellbeing and Music lessons.


We have a passionate, creative and courageous staff that all believe in the value of early year’s education and who enjoy working in a culture of care and collaboration. Please contact us for a tour, we are always keen to share our school as we are proud of what we have to offer your child and our current students.


Michelle De Paoli