Teaching and Learning


As an Early Learning School, we understand that play provides opportunities for children to learn as they discover, create, improvise and imagine.  All teachers, Kindergarten to Year 2, plan active and complex play opportunities to support the achievement of learning outcomes described in the Early Years Framework and the Australian Curriculum.

Our teachers are committed to using best practice, whole school approaches, in the teaching of Australian Curriculum English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography. A whole school approach to inquiry learning is fostered.

Sandy Bay Infant School also offers a wide range of specialist areas including Music, Physical Education and Japanese (Kinder – Grade Two). Our Prep to Grade 2 students participate in a Wellbeing lesson each week. 


Inquiry Learning

At Sandy Bay Infant School we have a focus on teaching and learning through an inquiry based approach.  We aim to foster our classroom as a place of wonderment and curiosity.  We value the process of using provocations and questioning as a way to engage students as active participants in their own learning. 

We see our role as facilitators to the lifelong learner and we are careful to encourage students to wonder, research, hypothesise, test, prove and explain their thinking rather than simply telling them what we want them to know.    

All educators from Sandy Bay Infant School have worked with educational consultants Fiona Zinn and Kath Murdoch to develop our professional knowledge and practice in Inquiry Learning.  Each term students engage in an Inquiry unit that provides an array of rich learning opportunities linked to curriculum (Science, Technology, HASS) areas and authentic real life problems and experiences.  Teachers pose questions for students to wonder about and enrich their thinking by offering thoughtful provocations.  Students thinking and questioning guides the direction of their learning and our teachers skilfully use the school environment, local community, parent knowledge and local community to enrich and add to the learning outcomes.


Digital Technologies

ICT is integrated into all teaching and learning experiences.  The school has an excellent network with Interactive whiteboards, tablets and iPads available in all classrooms.  IPads are used extensively across the school to create digital products that demonstrate and capture student learning.  The staff have created a comprehensive iLearn document that provides a scope and sequence for the teaching and exploration of digital technologies. 


Move Well Eat Well

Sandy Bay Infant School is an accredited Move Well Eat Well school.  We promote the health and wellbeing of students by making healthy eating and drinking and physical activity a regular part of every child’s day. 

At Sandy Bay Infant School our Move Well Eat Well policies include:

  • Water only in drink bottles
  • Fruit at morning tea
  • Commitment to our Fun and Fitness program
  • Participation in Walk to School or Ride and Stride events
  • Whole school active focus each term (Wheels Day, History Walk etc.)
  • Wet weather days we have shared play in our GP room


Wellbeing and Be You

Be You overarches our whole-school approach to improving children’s mental health, social skills and wellbeing. Our Prep to Grade 2 students engage in a weekly Wellbeing lesson which focuses on self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social management. 

Our Be You Action Team include staff and parents.  They work together to foster our positive school community; one that is founded on respectful relationships and a sense of belonging and inclusion.  Past events our action team have coordinated is a Dads Afternoon, A Morning with Mum, Dad’s breakfast and a Mum’s afternoon tea.  A strong sense of community and connectedness is evident between staff, students and parents at these events.   Please visit the Be You website for more information: https://beyou.edu.au/



Our playground promotes curiosity, wonderment and engagement.  It provides the opportunities for students to engage in structured or creative play.   During play our students have the opportunity to:

  • Practice skills they will use to negotiate for real adult life
  • Acquire confidence and awareness of limitations and boundaries
  • Are in charge of making hundreds of decisions
  • Assess the social, physical, emotional risks they want to take

We encourage the play of loose parts at Sandy Bay Infant School – like tyres, boxes and rope.  We plan and set up interesting opportunities – water play, conversation table, dress up and we have a range of tricycles.  We also visit our local green space and enjoy free play that encourages imagination, creativity and cooperation with natural materials. 

The Principal and staff at Sandy Bay Infant School provides an outstanding educational environment of learning and discovery at the school. We have nothing but the highest praise for this school; the welcoming and inclusive environment, the commitment to our child’s learning and the wonderful opportunities for learning and discovery that they provide to students.

Sandy Bay Infant School is an absolute treasure. They engage, support, teach and nourish our children