Our Culture




At Sandy Bay Infant school, the sense of school pride is very strong, and we enjoy a positive relationship with our parents, extended families and local community.  Our vision and mission statement together with our school values echo the culture of our unique small school;


Our Vision:  A safe and supportive place that nurtures and inspires the curious mind.


Our Mission: A holistic approach that inspires and provides the tools to each and every one to become engaged lifelong learners, creative problem solvers and respectful citizens.


Our Values:

Belonging – Feeling connected and welcome

Creativity – Being curious, exploring and having a go

Respect – Looking after self, others and the environment

Kindness – Being helpful, caring and trustworthy

Resilience – Being positive and bouncing back


Our values are known and enacted by every child and staff member in our school.  We hold Value Assemblies that focuses on developing our students’ understanding of how these values add to our school culture and our students’ personal growth. 


Importantly, our overarching framework is provided by the Department of Education’s Strategic Plan (2018-2021) with a shared commitment to Tasmania’s learners; shared values; shared goals to improve learning outcomes; and a shared way of working to drive continuous improvement.


All the teachers and staff care about the students and are passionate about learning outcomes.

We feel so fortunate to have had our children attend Sandy Bay Infant School. The academic outcomes are strong, but importantly, our children feel safe and confident to express and grow.

We feel incredibly privileged to be part of the Sandy Bay Infant School Community. Our children thrive in the environment.