Our Culture




At Sandy Bay Infant school, the sense of school pride is very strong, and we enjoy positive relationships with our community.  Our vision and mission statement together with our school values underpin the culture of our unique small school;


Our Vision:  A safe and supportive place that nurtures and inspires the curious mind.


Our Mission: A holistic approach that inspires and provides the tools to each and every one to become engaged lifelong learners, creative problem solvers and respectful citizens.


Our Values:

  • Aspiration – We have high expectations of ourselves and others
  • Belonging – Feeling connected and welcome
  • Creativity – Being curious, exploring and having a go
  • Respect – Looking after self, others and the environment
  • Resilience – Being positive and bouncing back
  • Courage – We take risks to become better learners
  • Growth – We demonstrate a growth mindset


Our Learner Assets:

At Sandy Bay Infant School, we are inquirers and we are:

  • Collaborators – We learn and play safely and respectfully with each other
  • Connectors – We connect to our school, our peers, our environment, and our community
  • Thinkers – We can have a growth mindset
  • Communicators – We communicate ideas confidently and actively listen
  • Researchers – We can ask and answer questions using resources or by testing our own hypotheses
  • Self-managers – We are responsible and understand ourselves as learners
  • Risk Takers – We are resilient in the face of challenge


Our Learner Assets are the skills and dispositions that students need to be active citizens and lifelong learners in the 21st century. These assets are incorporated into students learning opportunities as part of their everyday learning. Further information regarding our Learner Assets can be found here.


Importantly, our overarching framework is provided by the Department for Education, Children and Young People’s Strategic Plan (2022-24) with a shared commitment to Tasmania’s learners; shared values; shared goals to improve learning outcomes; and a shared way of working to drive continuous improvement.


Student Behaviour Policy and Procedure – Our Approach

Updates to the Policy and Procedure were undertaken by DECYP to ensure consistent, minimum standards in preventing and responding to bullying.  There is no significant policy change, but a change in approach by removing the need for schools to develop their own school-based policy. Instead, schools will adopt the one system-wide Policy.


Under legislation, Principals must communicate with their School Association and Student Representative Body (where there is one) on the change, this was documented on 20th March 2023.


Student Behaviour Management Policy – access the DECYP Policy here.


Student Behaviour – The Department for Education, Children and Young People Tasmania (decyp.tas.gov.au) – additional details available here.


To ensure successful implementation of the Student Behaviour Policy (2022) at SBIS our approach is underpinned by our Positive Behaviour Matrix and our proactive and positive approach to teaching Wellbeing (SBIS Wellbeing Guide) and Student Wellbeing and Support Team structure. Copies available upon request.

All the teachers and staff care about the students and are passionate about learning outcomes.

We feel so fortunate to have had our children attend Sandy Bay Infant School. The academic outcomes are strong, but importantly, our children feel safe and confident to express and grow.

We feel incredibly privileged to be part of the Sandy Bay Infant School Community. Our children thrive in the environment.