Our school priorities for 2019 are based on our extensive understanding of our student, teacher and educational requirements for the 21st century lifelong learner.  We strongly align our practice to The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia which overarches our beliefs regarding our practice;  holistic approaches, responsiveness to children, learning through play, intentional teaching, learning environments, cultural competency, continuity of learning and transitions and assessment for learning. 


Staff focus on learning together, personal learning goals and school based budgeting and decisions are aligned to our three priority areas: 


Differentiation for Individual Learning Needs

Using data to identify students needing extension and/or support in a specific learning area(s) and working with families in a collaborative partnership towards a shared goal.


Effective Whole School Pedagogical Approaches

Continue to refine our understandings and practices of the teaching, learning and assessment cycle through a Play and Inquiry approach.


Whole School Approach to Teaching English

Develop whole school approaches that are informed by research based practice for the teaching of phonics and word knowledge, reading and comprehension and handwriting by refining our pedagogical knowledge and sharing and informing our parent community.


As well as continuing to focus and embedded:


Digital Technologies

Developing confidence and skills to link digital technologies to capture, investigate, create and reflect on learning in an authentic way. 



Nurturing resilient, respectful, engaged students and staff through a connected community in preparation for future pathways.


The Arts

Once a year all our students have the opportunity to participate in a whole school Musical and school Choir. This provides the opportunity to extend on our students dramatic, artistic and musical skills.We all so have a weekly art program that rotates through our Prep to Grade 2 classes with our talent artistic teacher assistants who work collaboratively to plan opportunities linked to our learning programs.  During our Music lessons students have the opportunity to learn xylophones, ukuleles, percussions and they join in a range of singing opportunities.